How to store leftover paint?

When you open a can of paint and it has not been fully used, it is important to think about the protection of the remaining paint.  To successfully protect leftover paint, you’ll need to use some very beneficial tips. Learn about these tips in this guide.

You need to reseal the paint can

From the moment a paint can is opened, at that moment, it is absolutely not waterproof and the consequence is that the contents of the can will dry out fast.  To prevent this from happening, it is urgent to make sure that the can is sealed again. In this case, you need to remove the remaining paint from around the jar and from the lid. To do this, you will use household soap, which you will rub on the edge of the jar and on the lid. After this, you must properly rinse and then dry it. After drying, you will use cling film to cover the whole jar and then close it with its lid. You will also use the tape to fix the rest of the foil sticking out the end.  If you follow all these steps to this point, it’s fine, but the last step is very important. It is to turn the paint can upside down to prevent air from entering it.

Use another container to store the remaining paint

This storing method that you will discover in this part is useful in case the remaining paint is not much. You will need to use another container to preserve the paint instead of using its container because it does not worth doing if the paint is little. Then pour the rest of the contents into the container, but you must be sure that the container is airtight and completely closed. You also have the possibility to preserve your paint with fluorinated plastic.